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“Blind Faith…”

“Oh, just shut up and stop your whining…” That’s what the people told Bartimaeus, who was blind. Jesus and his disciples had come into Jericho and then, they were leaving. A huge crowd followed them making a lot of noise and when Bartimaeus heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, “Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.” Now, the people started telling Bartimaeus to “shut up!” and “be quiet and stop making all that noise!!!”

The Bible says, “but he cried out the more, a great deal…” He wouldn’t shut up! He had “blind faith!” All he knew was that he had to get Jesus’ attention. “And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called.”

You may have been praying about something for a long time. Maybe someone told you, “give it up! God is not going to answer your prayer.” Isn’t it just like people to discourage you, instead of encouraging you? Always remember the story of “Blind Bartimaeus.” If you feel like you have to “yell a little louder,” or do what you have to do, or “keep on knocking,” just do it! Faith isn’t quiet. It takes “action steps” towards Jesus. It’s called, “desperate faith,” or “blind faith!”

In the early 50s, there was a great healing evangelist named Jack Coe. He would break “canes, crutches, etc.” before he prayed for the person. The people said he had “reckless faith,” but it’s all the same. “Faith does something out of the normal.” “Faith doesn’t shut up!” It doesn’t take “no” for an answer! So, if you are really praying for something and have been for a long time, do something… let the Lord know you have that “Bartimaeus faith!” Have a great day! Sherry

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