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“How to be Blessed and Stay Blessed!”

“He that hath a ‘bountiful eye’ shall be blessed; for he giveth of ‘his bread’ to the poor.” Proverbs 22:9

I always wondered what a “bountiful eye” was… and then, the Lord revealed to me that a “bountiful eye” is someone that is always looking around to see “who they can bless today.” Many people are not like that. They are thinking, “How can I avoid giving to the poor?” But God’s people are always looking, praying, and searching to see “who they can bless today.”

Every one of us has a problem… a pain, a sickness, bills to pay, problems with kids, etc. But the way to be blessed is to “always look for someone else to bless!” Don’t wait for someone to give to you! Keep your heart open to see who God wants you to bless. Don’t be like the rich in Haiti… “they hide their eyes from the poor.” They say, “I don’t even want to see anyone that is poor.” They may have money for a little while, but God’s hand is not upon them. They can see a starving child right in front of them, but yet, they never see the child.

Hunger is a terrible thing. It is pain that medicine cannot help. So, today, look around for someone “worse off than you,” and speak a kind word to them and bless them! God never forgets!! He will “pour out blessings that you won’t have room to contain!” Have a great day!


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