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Word from the Mission Field

“I Will Not Fail Thee.”

The Book of Joshua is one of my favorites. We see that Moses has led the children of Israel through the deserts for 40 years. And, the people of Israel have not yet reached the “promised land!” Ahead, are many more battles! They felt lost and abandoned. Then, God speaks to Joshua, the young man who had grown up under Moses, and fought many battles. Perhaps he was feeling like so many of us have felt in our lives. “I’m not Moses! What can I do?” He was stuck with a million, complaining, fear-full, people. God said, “Moses, my servant, is dead!” Then He told Joshua, “I will not fail thee nor forsake thee… Be strong and of a good courage.” Joshua 1:5-6

You may be facing the greatest battle of your life, but the Lord is saying, “I WILL NOT FAIL THEE!” You WILL come through this battle! So, start praising the Lord, ahead of time!! Have a great day.


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