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Word from the Mission Field: 3-14-19 6:00 AM

Matthew 25:21 “Well Done…”

When God speaks to us to do something, we must always be faithful to do it. Some people are afraid to make decisions because they might make the wrong one… But if you are doing something to glorify the Lord and His Kingdom, and you mess up, God looks at heart… He sees you as you are and He is always able to get you back on the right track.

I heard a message from Kathryn Kuhlman which really touched my heart. When she was a little girl, her mother had a place down in the basement to wash clothes. As many mothers did, in those days, her mother “boiled them,” especially sheets, etc. Kathryn used to help her mother “boil the clothes and hang them out to dry.” She wanted her mother to be proud of her. One day, her mother was in the middle of “boiling clothes,” and she received a phone call that someone was sick. She had to leave, but she told Kathryn, “I’ll be back soon. You stay here.”

After a while, Kathryn decided she would “surprise her mother,” and do something special… finish the laundry! She boiled “everything,” colored clothes, linens, woolens… everything! When she hung them out to dry, she didn’t notice that, “colors were running together,” and that the woolen clothes had shrunk! She brought everything inside, carefully folded them, put them in piles “in the kitchen,” so that she would see them as soon as she came in. She could not wait to see the joy on her mother’s face.

Late in the afternoon, her mother, tired and exhausted from being in the hospital all day with no food, slowly opened the door. She glanced at the colored items, faded into each other, and at the woolens shrunken down in size. A look of horror came on her face as she saw all of the clothes. Then, she looked at Kathryn, who was anticipating a word from her mother… a good word. Kathryn wiped tears from her eyes as she talked about this message… she said her mother looked at her and said, “Well done.”

Her mother knew she had done wrong, but her mother had “seen her heart.” Sometimes, we do the wrong things for a good reason for the Kingdom of God, and we mess up. But He is faithful and forgiving and will say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…” Matthew 25:21

When we work hard in Haiti, we do not do it for any glory of man. We only want to hear those two words from Jesus… two words that cover any sacrifice we have made… any heartache… any disappointment… just two words… “Well done.” Have a great day! Sherry

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