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“Two Sticks, a Little Oil, and a Handful of Meal.”

Maybe you have come to a place in your life, where you are, or were, struggling financially. Maybe you can remember when you were “down to your last handful of meal,” and you didn’t know where the next was coming from. We have been there, plenty of times but God always had a “ram in the bush.”

In I Kings 17: 8-16, there is a famine and drought in the land of Zarephath, a city near Tyre and Sidon. And where does God send His prophet, Elijah… right there in the middle of the famine. The Lord said, “I have commanded a widow woman there to sustain thee.”

You would have thought that the Lord would have sent Elijah to someone who had a large house with lots of food, but, God sent him to a poor widow, who was gathering two sticks to make a fire, to add a little oil to a handful of meal, to bake a little cake for her and her son… “their last cake,” and die.

That’s a sad story. But what does Elijah do? He says, “Bake me a cake first and after that, make one for you and your son.” What a test of faith? Would you do this? Would you bake your last cake and give it to a stranger, at the word of someone you didn’t know?

But, somehow, she believed in what the prophet told her. Thus saith the Lord, “the barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruise of oil fail, until the day that the Lord sends rain upon the earth.”

Today, if the Lord speaks to your heart to “bake the last cake,” and give it away, do it. It is just because a “miracle” is on the way!! Have a great day!!!! Sherry

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