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Look Who’s Doing Ultrasounds

Our beautiful Love A Child Birthing Center is so peaceful. It makes the “poor” feel like they are rich! The whole Birthing Center is clean, has Christian music playing, and all the staff is wonderful!

We have a great doctor, Dr. Nadia. She has been working with us for years. She started at our clinic, and then when the Birthing Center began, she became the Administrator.  She does a wonderful job! She is usually the one doing the “ultrasounds.” A few days ago, Dr. Nadia had a horrible accident on a motorcycle and broke her foot! She will be off her job for a while. I wondered who she would get to take her place, doing all those ultrasounds, because the nurses and midwives are so busy!

Well, look who she chose…our little Dumolia! Dumolia has been volunteering her time since she has been waiting on a visa to go to Italy for medical college. She has been trained on ultrasound, and she is so good at it.

Just look at Dumolia now!!! She has come a long way from a “child who was badly burned” to a mature young Christian! We are so proud of Dumolia!! She is not only sweet and beautiful, but she is so kind to everyone!!



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