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You “are” the Good Samaritan

You probably saw the picture of the pathetic little Haitian boy yesterday, brought to our Jesus Healing Center, with a horrible abscess. Things like this are some of the things that we see when we have Mobile Medical Clinics in the regions beyond. 

Right now, we are packing and preparing medications for a trip to the mountains. Yesterday, we heard that the road we are supposed to travel on had been washed out by the last heavy rain, so we sent funds to hire locals to start working on the road. These mountain roads are dangerous, and everything has to be working for us to go. We are preparing to take our doctors and nurses because it is too dangerous for American missionary teams at this time.

We hope to be able to give you good news about the roads shortly. We feed the hungry and give medical care to the poor, and in doing thiswe show God’s love! You, who stay behind and “tarry by the stuff,” become the “good Samaritan” with your love and compassion!

Thank you, partners! 

Bobby and Sherry 

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