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Zachary is a Sweetie

Zachary… he is a sweetie and terribly attached to “Mommie Sherry!”

His mother was heavily involved in Voodoo! When Zachary was just a few months old, she had come to our Jesus Healing Center with him. She was a “very strange woman,” who said that several of her children had died and one was “missing!”

After our doctor examined her and baby Zachary, we offered to give her a ride. But, two of our nurses saw her and said they had heard “she had killed several children.” We decided to give her a ride home so that we could check with her neighbors, to see if they knew what happened to her children. But when we arrived and two ladies saw her, they came to us and said, “Take that baby from her! She said that she was going to kill him with a butcher knife!” That’s when we brought Zachary home! He helps pick up trash, feeds the turkeys, and tries to sing! Ha! He is in kindergarten and doing well in school! We don’t know what he will be… maybe “a pistol,” I suppose!


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