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Zoey… “She’s a Wrapper… Not a Rapper!”

Zoey is three and she has already learned how to “wrap” Poppie Bobby around her little finger! It is hard to think that, even in a poor country, a mother would throw away a baby, leaving it on a dirt road for someone to find. But, that’s what happened. Zoey’s mother, a poor Haitian woman, just figured it would be too hard to feed another mouth. Luckily, she ended up in our arms. At first, we were going to turn her over to Social Services, because we already had too many children… but, God wanted her with us!

Zoey is “very mature” for her age. She sleeps in the “older girls” room, so she is “older” than she looks! She is part of the “Praise Dance Team,” and she says she wants to be a nurse. She is a good worker and each morning she helps clean her room. She will be in Kindergarten “two.” She loves dolls, but she loves “Poppie Bobby” even more! She is on his lap and in his arms, at any chance she can get! She can “wrap him around her little finger!!!” Ha! We all love Zoey!


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