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The Wedding

At the Orphanage…

This is Edeline. She is one of our oldest Haitian “daughters” who grew up at our Love A Child Orphanage, and this was her wedding day.



She was married on Christmas Day at 9:00 AM (Haitian time) in our Love A Child Fond Parisien Church here in Love A Child Village. She began getting dressed in her room with the help of her sisters. In the photo below from left to right are: Dimelia, Edeline, Stephanie, Fabienne, Roselyne, and little Natalie.  ALL HAITIAN GIRLS LOVE TO GET DRESSED UP FOR WEDDINGS, FUNERALS AND ANY EVENT!



Widlene and Edeline…


Tiwa decided to forego the wedding, and opted for a bottle and a nap.


There are many things that are different with Haitian weddings, and one thing is there are always other girls dressing up like the bride! For example, you might have thought that Roselyne was the bride!



At the Church…

The church was locked when we all got there so we had to call the pastor to come and unlock the door. The groom got caught in traffic and was late showing up so we started without him.



Before the pastor could start, some of our Haitian “daughters” wanted a photo with Poppie. Here we have Bobby and Dana, who now is a teacher at our Love A Child School.




Here is Bobby and Julia. She is a lab technician at our Jesus Healing Center and Dana’s sister.




Even little Rebecca wanted her picture taken with Poppie.




We took time for a few more pictures before the preacher started the service. From left to right, we have Fabienne, Bianca and Florence. Florence is in her last year of school and wants to be a physical therapist. She is the sister of Dana and Julia.



Who is the good-looking boy in the blue sweater vest?  Could this be Mackenson? Our little Mackenson had severe malnutrition when we found him. (He was in such bad condition that his arms and legs were swollen and splitting open.) Look at him now!




Will the Real Bride Please Stand Up?

While the pastor led the congregation in some songs and prayer, I noticed another woman that was dressed up just like the bride.




As the pastor continued to lead the congregation in some hymns, I noticed “another bride,” and this one was headed for the alter!

It turned out that this “other bride” was really a bride, too. It was a double wedding and we knew nothing about it! This other bride was a “little pregnant,” so it was a wonderful thing for her and her true love to be married.



Most brides and grooms in Haiti DO NOT SMILE at weddings. It is a very big thing to be married in Haiti, and in most cases, no one in the bridal party smiles.




The bride and groom usually sit up front facing their “maren and paren.” A maren and paren are like a godmother and godfather.



Edeline and her “husband-to-be” said their vows. Bobby and I were called to the front to be there as witnesses.




We also prayed a blessing over the bride and groom. (The groom wore white gloves, too.)



Edeline looked radiant!



After some “preaching” and some “warnings” of what to do and what not to do, the pastor called for the rings. It took a little while to get those white gloves off the groom to find the right finger for the ring.



The Kiss…

This is what everyone was waiting for…the KISS! The crowd cheered, laughed and clapped.




Kiss? Ugh! That’s so funny! Sandraline, Rachael, Mikalange, and Rodna giggle as Edeline gets a big kiss!



All smiles!


Time to Sign all the Papers…

In Haitian weddings, books have to be kept by all “legally recognized pastors” who hold credentials to marry people. There are several witnesses who have to sign the book. Performing illegal marriages in Haiti will land you in prison!




After the signing, the couples were presented as “husbands and wives,” Mr. and Mrs. for both couples.

Afterward, everyone piled into trucks to go to the home of the bride and groom where everyone would have refreshments.




The cake is never cut until the day after the wedding. Refreshments are usually cookies or sweet cakes with Cokes and coffee.

It is a “major” thing for a girl raised in an orphanage in Haiti to have a real wedding!



We are so proud of Edeline.



She fought a battle for many years with keloids tumors and surgeries, and still has far to go, but she and her new husband love each other and have great faith in God! We wish them our best!!

Special thanks to all those who sent in wedding dresses, dresses for the brides, suits for the men and so much more.

A big thank you goes to Maria for making this “special wedding gown” with all the trimmings for Edeline!

God bless you all and we love you!

Bobby and Sherry

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