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A Baby Named Nayson… “Saving Haiti’s Children…”

Little “16-month-old” Nayson has already known more pain in his short little life than most of us know in a lifetime. Nayson’s mother died during childbirth of “eclampsia.” His father, Dieumabon Jean, was a poor mountain farmer. Most times, he found “nothing to eat” for his children. So, Nayson was taken to his aunt, Madamn Calix Elimene, who has NINE children!

This family lives in Thomas, a small town up in the mountains near Fond Parisien. Her “house” was a one-room hut built of stone with rusty tin metal sheets on the roof. There were nine other children, plus Madamn Elimene and her husband. All the children slept on a piece of old, smelly carpet on the floor.

Mr. Dieumabon, the father of Nayson, had already lost two children due to hunger. The aunt who worked the land sometimes received a little help from her church, working the land. They tried to come one day a week. Their main meal was always “corn flour,” mixed with water. But, Nayson’s little body could not tolerate the constant “flour and water mixture.” Despite all the efforts of the aunt, she could not afford anything else for Nayson. But while Nayson was “looking fat,” he was really starving from severe Kwashiorkor Malnutrition. His stomach could no longer tolerate the flour and water mixture. The aunt, seeing that the baby’s life was near death, finally brought him to our Jesus Healing Center Clinic. After an exam, the doctor immediately transferred him to our Malnutrition Center Clinic.

Nayson is in a lot of pain… The flesh is coming off his legs, and his stomach is in pain. He is extremely fragile. There are skin sores all over his body and burns and lesions on the upper and lower limbs.

Haiti’s children are in extreme danger… Mothers and fathers cannot move around to sell their little bit of crops; gangs are all over Haiti, blocking roads, robbing, and stealing; meanwhile, little children like “Nayson” are dying slowly due to hunger. Please pray for Nayson’s health…

Your gifts, your prayers, and your love are needed now more than ever.


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