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A Four-Year-Old’s Struggle to Survive…

Little Bernado had just turned four when he was abandoned by his father. (This is the problem that is happening all over Haiti. Men are discarding their children like trash because they cannot handle the responsibility!) So, little Bernado’s father left for the Dominican Republic and has not been back to Haiti.

Bernado’s mother is Madamn St. Vil Jesus. She has no job, and thus, she tries to sell items… but she cannot speak well, so she cannot communicate with people. She cannot make money. People make fun of her. (I believe she has a stuttering problem!)

So, Madamn St. Vil Jesus and Bernado became homeless. She now lives with her older sister, which also makes things difficult. There is very little food, and the aunt has this responsibility now. Bernado has been eating only bread and water mixed together… the Haitians call this “bread soup,” but it has no nutritional value.

This family lives in a neighborhood where no one can enter or leave easily because gangs lead it; they call this the “red zone” or the “Papaya Gangs.” The inhabitants of this neighborhood live in fear and cannot move freely.

The first time we met Bernardo was at the Jesus Healing Center Clinic. He was accompanied by his mother and his aunt due to the fact that his mother cannot talk well. Bernardo was so weak, and he was very hungry and was also in pain. He was thin, his stomach was swollen, and his arms and legs were like little sticks. He was a “4-year-old child who does not speak normally.” He was immediately sent to our Malnutrition Center Clinic, where Bernado was first put on a strict diet of special milk formula and other foods and fed frequently. He will remain there until the doctor says he is able to leave.

In just one month, his big stomach went down. His way of eating had changed. Before, he was 8.4kg (about 18.5 pounds). Now, he is 12kg (26.5 pounds), and he has so much energy!

Bernado is a sweetie, a very calm child. He has his own way to calm the other crying children. They get such adorable hugs from him! Just one look at Bernado, and to see what he was becoming… and how near death he was. Now, in just one month, he has gained weight, is happy, and “he is not the same child!”

We wish to thank Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope for sponsoring our Jesus Healing Center each month and also for sponsoring the building of our “Malnutrition Clinic!” These two outreaches go hand in hand!

Thank you, partners, for sponsoring the Feed My Starving Children Food to come so far to Bernado and all the little children who are waiting for food.

And, we wish to thank our partners, who love the children, who pray for us daily, and who help with finances, and [those who help] in any way they can. One person, or one family, cannot do this by ourselves! Today, you can see that you have touched another life with your love and your sacrifices!


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