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A Poor Mother’s Gift

Madamn Siliamene’s Story…

At 11:00 pm last evening, our Security Guard opened our gate carefully. There was someone outside needing to come in. The person was in a local tap tap. Now, Security must be very careful to open our gate around midnight. There are so many thieves and gangs who want to kidnap. But this was a very pregnant woman. Her name was Madamn Siliamene, age 29. If I tell you where she came from, it would not make any difference to you, but if I tell someone from Haiti she came from Thiot, they would know that she made an incredible trip to get here.

Our Love A Child Birthing Center is open 24-7 and even on holidays. We have “never closed.” But, other Birthing Centers have closed due to the gangs. Even many Hospitals and Clinics can no longer function, but we trust the Lord to “keep the doors open!”

Madamn Siliamene tells us that there is no healthcare for pregnant women in Thiot.

For her last three children, she gave birth in a mud hut, “on dirty rags.” So, after she knew she was pregnant, she really wanted to find a “clean place,” to have her baby. Someone told her about our Love A Child Birthing Center. Our Birthing Center requires that women who want to have their baby birthed here, must start to come at four months.

This is due to the fact that many women will lose their babies for one reason or another, or they may have to have a C-section. We are required to know all about their health before they start labor.

Our Birthing Center meant so much to Madamn Siliamene to have her baby here that she found a little place near here so that she could come each month!

To make a living, she had to push heavy wheelbarrows to sell juice and drinks, because that is how she makes her living. Her wish was to have a clean place to have her baby with “professional midwives”! That is our Love A Child Birthing Center.

Today, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 3 kg (about 6.6 lbs.). She received a beautiful box of baby clothes, blankets, and many items! This poor mother received the gift of a “beautiful, clean place to have her baby; and in addition, lots of new baby clothes, etc.” She received the gift of having several well-trained midwives to deliver her baby. Our ambulance is always there, ready for any emergency! We give all the glory to God and thanks to our Love A Child Partners!


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