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A Typical Day at our Jesus Healing Center…

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, severe burns, gunshot wounds…it was a “typical day” at our Jesus Healing Center. It was late in the evening that workers from our Jesus Healing Center received the news that someone had been shot. It was Michel Mickendley, from Miracle Village. He had been coming home from Croix des Bouquet and an “armed gang” shot the driver of the vehicle that Mickendly was riding in. They shot the driver three times in the stomach, and Mickendley tried to wrestle the gun from the bandit, and that was when they shot Mickendley close to his knee.

He was taken to a hospital, but when he got home, his leg was still bleeding. So he asked his mother to take him to the Jesus Healing Center. Our staff quickly took care of him. (I do not have all the details, but he is doing much better, and thanks to everyone at our JHC for all their good care!)

We have often had the blessing of praying for someone who was brought to our clinic but has never gone to church. “You and I” are the “church!” We may be the only “Bible” someone sees…or we may be the “only road to Jesus!” We must use every opportunity we have to be His hands, His feet, and His mouth.

God bless every one of our partners from “the widow’s mite” to the larger gifts for the Jesus Healing Center!!!

Bobby and Sherry




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