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An Important Decision Has Been Made

Thank you for your prayers for Sherry and everyone’s response by the hundreds on my Sunday morning Facebook post.

Sherry will be going in today at 11:45 AM for her therapy to begin… I will be with her. It appears the therapy will be for one month.

One month from today, Sherry and I will be returning to Haiti together, Lord willing.

I wanted to return to Haiti, but within my heart, I could hear the Holy Spirit saying that I needed to stay with Sherry.

Nelio, our Haitian Administrator, who works with all the containers and with the Government, is doing a superb job.

Jesse Ostrander is there in Haiti, running everything and also doing a great job. Excellent!!! Reggie and all the Haitian staff are working hard and doing a fantastic job. They have been amazing!! Rad and Sandra, back at the Fort Myers Office, along with all the staff, are doing more than I even thought possible. The Lord has put all the right people in the right places!

I want everyone to know if the Lord would take Sherry and me home to heaven (no hurry to go, Lord), the work in Haiti and the office in Fort Myers would keep on going and run very smoothly. We have some “Joshuas” always working by your side!!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

We love you and thank you for all your comments on Facebook, they have been encouraging more than you will ever know. Please also go to our website and learn a lot more.

Love is something you do…
Bobby Burnette

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