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An Update on Djivens… “What an Impact a Box of Food Can Make!”

Little Djivens is only 12 months old. There are two children in this poor family. His mother, Madam Elitha, had already aborted babies twice because she got pregnant and could not stand for another child to go hungry. This poor mother was 23 years old and actually a teacher in a small school, but she could no longer teach due to the insecurity of the country. Her husband does not have a job, so she does everything she can to support her family, but it is not enough.

With Madamn Elitha trying to wash clothes for other people, gather sticks to sell, or maybe even pick wild berries to make tea, her little jobs were not enough. To make matters worse, the house she lived in was rented, and the landlord was getting ready to throw her out.

But, worse than all of this was her baby, Djivens. She had only fed him a piece of bread each day with sugar water… The Haitians call this “bread soup,” but little do they know that this “bread soup” is a killer for hungry babies. Their bodies begin to swell. All Haitian mothers want “fat babies.” It is a sign of prosperity, but little did she know that her baby was dying of Kwashiorkor Malnutrition!

As his belly and feet began to swell, she began to be very worried. Djivens had been ill for 15 days when someone told his mother to take him to our Jesus Healing Center. From there, the doctor immediately sent him to our Malnutrition Clinic. He was fed a special formula and also a special food from our friends at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). His swelling began to go down, and as he ate the “Manna Packs” that friends like you sponsor, he turned into a funny, happy, healthy little boy!

When he left with his mother, they were given a large box of FMSC meals, which the Haitians call “ti pa nou.” For $8.00, a box of food containing 216 nourishing meals “went out the door,” with the baby on his mother’s hip, and with her were 216 “meals” that someone sponsored! That “someone” might have been you, but the fact is that just $8.00 saved the life of this baby!!

When Djivens’ mother comes each month for a check-up, a “miracle box of food” will be waiting for her and her babies! Look what an impact your giving makes!!!

This story brings tears to my eyes. God can use “just a little bit” when given with all our hearts! God bless you, our wonderful partners! Look for more “impact stories” that show where your giving is going, and give all the glory to the Lord!!


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