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ATC Garden Flowerbed Preparation

Oh, I love this note from Wilner, the head of our Agricultural Training Center today! Sustainability is helping Haitians to help others! Please read his note to me and look at the beautiful pictures. He just calls me Big Boss. Ha!

Bobby Burnette



Dear My Big Boss!

Today we had the big of the ground. In the first work, we plant different vegetable seeds such as Leeks, Peppers, Parsley, and Celery. After we plant these plants we cover them with dry straw (organic material) to prevent too much “sun, wind, and heavy rain.” After 60 to 90 days, we will have a big harvest.

The gangs blocked the roads to Haiti, and Saindomingue closed its borders. But, the ATC team has gained more strength to continue producing good Bioproduction. Thank you very much Big Boss for always encouraging us!


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