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Blankies for Mommies!

Blankets given to the poor here in Haiti are like gold! Many of the families we work with in feeding programs or those who come to our Jesus Healing Center or Birthing Center live far away, high up in the mountains. Although it is hot here in Haiti, up in the mountains it can be cold at night. Children living in a mud hut sleeping on the dirt floor get very cold and often are sick.

We are so thankful when our friends send in blankets…and it is so exciting when people get together and make them with their family, friends, or church group. Our friend Laura Jordahl has a great burden for the people of Haiti. We were so thrilled to see these wonderful blankets that came from her and her friends (possibly church friends). We took these blankets to the mothers at our Birthing Center. You can look at the faces of these sweet mothers to see how thankful they were! God bless our friends, like Laura, who make these precious gifts for the poor!!! Sherry

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