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Bring It On!

We just received more pallets of medicine and lots of medical supplies from World Vision! This is in addition to the recent pallet of medical supplies! Our older girls have been working hard… Roselyne, Fabienne, Bianca, Julanne, and Jovanie. Roselyne and Jovanie discovered that we had received a lot of Ebola kits. They have masks, head gear, everything you can think of for someone who comes in contact with a patient who has coronavirus. Wow! What a blessing, in addition to all the nebulizers, etc. that we’ve already received. Some will be shared, and the rest will go to our Jesus Healing Center and Birthing Center. This morning we sent out a huge truck delivering supplies to two hospitals we work with. Thank you so much, World Vision, and all of your wonderful partners who made all of this possible! God bless you, Bobby and Sherry

P.S. The two who are “suited up” are Jovanie and Roselyne!

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