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Esther, Loves Animals!

Esther was just a baby, about five months old, when her mother appeared at our gate, at our mountain home in Haiti… that was about 17 or 18 years ago. Esther’s mother had also brought Esther’s sister, Widlene, with her. This mother was very sick, thought she was dying, and needed to find someone who would take care of her children when she died.

We noticed this mother was very sick, so we decided to take her to the hospital, first. We found out that Madamn Jesula was anemic and weak. We brought her and her children into our orphanage, took care of them, and gave Madamn Jesula a job at our orphanage. Her two children grew up in this orphanage. Esther is now about 19. She is studying Spanish “online” so that she can go to the Dominican Republic next year and begin her studies to become a veterinarian. She “loves” animals, but Haiti does not have a college for vets, anywhere near here.

Esther has a job of keeping track of the food that comes into the orphanage and that which “goes out,” to the children’s kitchen. She is very responsible, loves God, and goes to church on Sunday. We pray that we will be able to find the right college for her and that she learns Spanish quickly. She loves “cooking!” And, she loves our two new “Rottie puppies!” She is a really sweet young lady, a Christian, and we all love her.


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