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Helping the Poorest of the Poor…

This sweet little fellow is James Lexume, age 5. He lives in Ganthier, the next town from us, but people from all over Haiti come great distances to our clinic! Since he was a baby, his mother has been bringing him to our clinic. He has a skin condition today called “dermatitis.” He first was sent to wound care to have his head shaved and cleaned, and treated for sores. He also had vomiting and diarrhea. Our doctor gave him medication for this, and he received prayer and then went home. He has been one of our patients since he was born.

Our wonderful Jesus Healing Center treats everyone the same. When the poor come to our clinic, they feel that they are “rich” because they are treated so well and given excellent care. Many come from mud huts. It is the first time they have a toilet to “flush,” or have water come from the sink…the first time they have been treated with dignity!

Special thanks to our partners who helped us build this beautiful, peaceful clinic to the glory of God, and special thanks to Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope for their support each month that keeps us going. We are always “better together!”

Love from Haiti,

Bobby and Sherry

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