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Joachim’s Sad Story

All over Haiti, hunger is taking its toll on children, especially small children like 4-year-old Joachim. He and his brothers and sisters, five children in all, come from an area called, “Morne Horeb.” His mother has no job, and his father is a farmer. His father is always looking for food in his garden but finds nothing for the children to eat. The main problem is that there is no water for the garden, but the soil is also poor.

Since the country is mostly on “lock down due to gangs,” many more families with children are suffering. The situation of having to feed five children has been so bad that his father “farms out all five children each night to a neighbor,” so that they will have a place to sleep and eat a little something. The problem is that the poor neighbors are just as poor as this family is!

When his father saw that Joachim was growing weaker by the day, he began to look for a motorcycle to take him and his son to our clinic. This meant that the money he would spend on the motorcycle would have been the money he would have spent for food, but Joachim was in bad condition. It took him two hours to get to our clinic by motorcycle. By this time, Joachim was so weak that he could not stand. His belly was also full of worms.

Food, or the lack of food, is the biggest problem in Haiti. We have noticed more and more children coming to our Jesus Healing Center. The doctors say that they are so bad off that they must go to our Malnutrition Clinic. They began feeding Joachim special milk formula, and after that, the Feed My Starving Children food. He gained 15.7kg while he was here with us.

Joachim is such a sweet and shy little boy. He would have died of malnutrition had his father not brought him to us. Imagine being so poor that you must send all your children out each night to sleep with another poor family, hoping they will have food for one child. Now, each week when his father comes to visit, we send home a box of the Feed My Starving Children food, which is keeping the children alive! We are so grateful for your support in helping us feed hungry children at this time.


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