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Our Malnutrition Clinic… Saving Lives!

Malnutrition is a very serious problem here in Haiti. It “has been serious” for many years, but now, due to the violence, the gangs, higher prices of basic foods, and the fact that many are not safe on the streets, to sell.

Our Malnutrition Clinic is free of charge. Mothers bring their babies first, to our Jesus Healing Center. From there, the doctor determines if the child needs to go to our clinic. That child will need to stay until he or she reaches their desired weight and is released by our doctor. When the child comes with the mother, he is examined again, weighed, measured, (they don’t like this! Ha), and is put on a very strict formula and is fed at exactly certain times of the day and night. We have “around the clock,” nurses, and “mommies” tending to them. They “love” these children!

When they are much better, they can eat the Feed My Starving Children rice, designed for malnourished children. When they are ready to go home, they are given special milk formula, and also Feed My Starving Children food. This food can be shared with other children in the family because if not, the mother will be giving the “expensive milk formula,” to her other hungry children!

We wish to thank Joyce Meyer Ministries — Hand of Hope for sponsoring the building of the Malnutrition Clinic and for their gift to provide the items needed, (furnishings). We wish to thank our partners who sponsor this clinic monthly, with gifts large and small. Every gift counts when a child’s life is at stake. When we all do what we can, we can save lives! God bless you, Sherry

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