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Saving Baby “Chesca Florent”

Due to economic conditions, the gangs that have taken over Haiti, the killing of Haiti’s President, and many other problems, Haiti’s poor are in a downward spiral.

We have been living and working here since the ’70s but moved to Haiti in 1991. Things were not as bad, then but now, children are dying every day. This is baby Chesca Florent, over two years old. She came to our Malnutrition Clinic after being referred from our Jesus Healing Center. She has been here for three weeks suffering from acute malnutrition. Her growth has been stunted. If you look closely, you can see that she is not developing as she should have. With six children to feed, her father tries to eke out a living in a small patch of dry ground he calls “his garden.” There are six other children to feed, in addition to the father and mother.

This family is far from Love A Child in a village called “Fond Verette.” Baby Chesca has been taken care of by her aunt because her mother cannot take care of her. This baby has been slowly slipping away to the final stages of death… She had diarrhea for four days. She was so weak it was difficult for her to stand straight and she was totally dehydrated. She was bones and skin… Our doctors and staff, went to work to rehydrate her, give her syrup, special F75 milk, special peanut butter, and lots of medication… not to mention, “tons of love!” She started moving and we all saw hope for her.

She is still at the Malnutrition Center, but she is getting well fast and we look forward to showing what she will look like soon… We will make sure that when she goes to “out-patient,” that her family receives Feed My Starving Children food to take home… We do this with all our families.

We thank those of you who sponsor our Malnutrition Clinic and we look forward to showing the real “Chesca,” God bless you for “loving the poor.”


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