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Saving Babies and Toddlers

Most of the children from our orphanage came to us with some type of malnutrition, either Kwashiorkor or Marasmus. Kwashiorkor is the worst because the baby is not getting protein, but they are full of water, so mothers think their baby is “fat,” and Haitian mothers want “fat babies.”

We have had both types of malnutrition in our Malnutrition Center. Some of the babies you see here are in-patients and soon will go home, and others will come in to stay for a while. Those who are “on the road to recovery” are out-patients. Their mothers must come back every two weeks for a checkup, a doctor’s visit, and to be weighed, measured, etc.

The mother must bring back the empty packages of “peanut butter formula,” RUSF, donated to us by our friends at MAP International.  We have shared quite a bit of what we received with other missionaries, as we always do. We expect some “medical mamba” to arrive soon, which is very good for severely malnourished children and babies.

Malnutrition Centers are expensive to run because they require 24/7 care…like the Birthing Center, we never close. So, we must have cleaners, nurses, “mothers,” and other medical personnel working shifts, no matter how many children we have. The medicines we must-have for this Malnutrition Center are also expensive, and so is the special milk formula. If the Lord has spoken to your heart to help with a one-time or monthly gift, please do so. You will be investing in an outreach that literally saves little lives!

Thank you, those who have given, and those who send in items, such as baby clothes and blankets. When we all love the poor and work together and give what we can, the needs will be met, and lives will be saved!!

God richly bless you,



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