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Saving Little Lives

In the past two weeks, we have seen an increase in cases of malnutrition in children under two (2) years old. Some of them have Kwashiorkor malnutrition and others have Marasmus malnutrition. Hunger is becoming commonplace in Haiti. It is like a “vulture encircling Haiti!”

Today’s story is about one of those many children: a baby girl named “Jimay.” Jimay Zamon is 8 months old. Her mother died twenty-two days ago, leaving behind three fatherless children, with no one to support them. Jimay has since been taken care of by her godmother, Madame Marie-Denise… She, herself, is a mother of five children. She lives in Galette Chambon, a locality where household income and the primary needs of families are mainly based on agriculture. Harvests are down and water is scarce. This plunges Jimay and her family and many, many more into hunger. Jimay is the smallest of all the children, and her little body cannot fight off hunger. Since the death of her mother, her godmother has been giving her herbal tea made with soursop leaves because she has no means to buy milk for her. Imagine an eight-month-old child who weighs only 4.3 kg! Today, her godmother brought her to our Jesus Healing Center. Given her condition, the doctor recommended that she be transferred to the Malnutrition Center.

You can see that since the time she has come to us, her skin and hair are in much better condition. She is gaining weight. She will now be in our “Out-Patient” program. As soon as we get one of our food containers released, we will be sending food for her and her family each time she comes for a check-up. Pray for the recovery of this orphaned baby. May God bless you!

Note: Haiti is in a Hunger Crisis… the worst we have ever seen since 1991 when we moved to Haiti. Parents cannot get out on the streets to sell and make a living. Children are eating “anything” to try to fill the pain of their hunger. Haiti is in a food crisis, and we will keep getting more and more malnourished children if something does not happen. We are begging for your prayers for Haiti and Haiti’s innocent children.


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