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Stanley’s Passed His First Year of Electrical Engineering School

Stanley is one of our oldest children here at Love A Child. He just turned 23 this month. Stanley came from another orphanage in Cap Haitian. (They speak a slightly different “Creole” in that area.)

So, when Stanley came to us, all the children were asking his name. They began calling him “Kinam” instead of Stanley. It stuck. All our kids here have a “nickname” for each other, so, for many years, he was never called “Stanley,” but “Kinam.”

Stanley was always quiet, and you never knew he was there. But he did well in school. We needed someone honest and mature during the summer to be in charge of all of the diesel we purchased each month because we run everything here on large generators. When the diesel comes in, they know which tanks they go into, how much fuel is to be used, where and how much of each diesel or gasoline gallon goes.

The fuel can easily be stolen if you don’t have someone you can trust in Haiti. Stanley worked hard keeping track of all the fuel. He came to us one day and said, “Mom and Dad, I want to be an electrical engineer!” We were shocked but told him we would do our best to pay for his college if he did well.

He is attending Universite INUKA, and he just passed his first year of electrical engineering. He wrote this note to us this morning…

“Good evening, Mom and Dad. How are you?
I hope you are well, Mom. I got the results today. I succeed, now I’m going to the second year, I bend down low in front of you to say thank you for everything you do for me, I will never be able to thank you, but I know God will always continue to bless us. I love you so much.

Bobby and I have always felt that our Love A Child children will “always be a part of Love A Child,” whether it be working in the Orphanage, Medical Clinic, Birthing Center, Dental Clinic, our schools, or wherever. They are the “future of Haiti,” but also the
“future of Love A Child.” This is so important to us.

We pray that the Lord will supply all the needs for all our children who wish to go to college or university to do so. This coming year, we will have “seven more Love A Child children” going to college, and we don’t have the first dime.

If you are interested in making this happen, please contact our Love A Child office (239 210 6107) and tell them you want to donate to our College Fund.

We love Stanley, and we love all of you who partner with us to help the “children of the future of Haiti.”

Bobby and Sherry

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