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Update from Haiti

As many of you know, we told you this morning that we would be writing an important post at 12:30 p.m. today and sharing some important decisions that we have made. We will need to wait “one more day” to see what the president of Haiti has to say about some things, and then we will let you know tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. There are lots of rumors going around, so we think that it is best to hear everything and confirm first. The Haitian proverb says, “You have to hear the bell ring twice before you know what’s going on in the church!” So, we need to hear the bell “ring twice!”

Today, we are doing “Food Distributions” to many villages, and also tomorrow and hopefully all next week, unless the government says, “Do not travel on the road.”

Someone asked if our Birthing Center was open… Yes, it is open 24/7. We just had three cute babies born this morning!

Sherry and I have had the opportunity to leave Haiti twice recently. It has been a tough decision because we realize that Haiti does not have the means to take care of any suffering from the coronavirus. There are very few “working ventilators here,” and we don’t even know if they are good or not.

When we prayed about this decision, we had to take into heart the fact that we live “in an orphanage with 85 children of all ages.” We have had many of these children since they were babies. The children consider us “their mother and father.” Sometimes they ask, “Are you leaving us?” The look on their faces was the answer… We need to stay for the sake of these children and the people here in Haiti that we love. We have great responsibilities here.

Many missionaries have left Haiti due to family reasons, their children, etc., which was wise. Precarious times are here in Haiti for everyone. Tough times are here and growing tougher each passing day. In Haiti, we face daily kidnappings, robbers, and the Papaya Gang, among other gangs in Haiti. We face so much more… Please pray for the other missionaries and us who are here putting their lives on the line. Please pray for the children and the precious people of Haiti, our friends. They are all near the brink… We are walking in Psalm 91… We are trusting in the Lord.

So, please look for our post at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow and we will bring you up to date! We love you all!!! Bobby and Sherry

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