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Yonel, Loved Much

Yonel… He’s wearing a t-shirt that says, “loved much!” Yes, he is. He is “loved much,” and “forgiven much.”

We found him in the mountains when he was small… He was “just a skeleton.” He had severe malnutrition and we brought him down from the mountains when we were conducting a Mobile Clinic. His little sister had just died from malnutrition.

After a long battle with malnutrition, he began to survive. He got better, went to finish high school and then, decided to go to diesel mechanic school. He did not do well and hid the fact that he had failed. He was like the “prodigal son,” who went out into the pigpen, but, God is “the God of the Second Chance.”

So, we decided to give him “another chance,” after all, God gave us all another chance, and another, and another. Yonel came to work for us and we hired him as one of our painters. He does an excellent job and is very happy!! He has “job security,” because we are always needing projects painted!! He got married last December. So, yes, Yonel is “loved much,” because he serves “the God of the Second Chance!” Yes, Yonel, we really do love you!


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