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An On Time Gift!

Yesterday, during the new Jesus Healing Center clinic’s dedication, we got a great gift from our Birthing Center, “little Wadson,” baby number 1,000!!! It was just a little over a year ago that we dedicated the new Birthing Center for poor mothers to have their babies in a “clean environment,” and yesterday, during the dedication of the new clinic, little Wadson, 6.2 lbs, decided to “show up!” We came and presented the mother with some beautiful gifts and took lots of pictures!!

Many poor mothers have their babies on dirt floors, full of contamination. A village “so-called mid-wife” might cut the cord with a “rusty razor blade,” or a dirty knife or even a tin can. No wonder, so many mothers die “during or after childbirth.” This is why there are so many orphanages in Haiti. When a mother dies, the child can be considered an orphan because the father won’t be able to take care of him or her.

We want to thank all our partners who gave towards our new Jesus Healing Center clinic and also, those who gave towards our “Birthing Center!” Both of these projects save lives, and both bless the “poorest of the poor!!”

Thank you, partners, and may all heaven bless you!

Bobby and Sherry

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