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Paving the Way to More Prayers!

We praise the Lord for a partner who wanted us to have a construction company to put in pavers through all the medical buildings. It’s an answer to prayer because so much dust has been blowing on the pregnant mothers and those coming for the clinic. We are so happy and thankful for this big need to be met! The Lord is awesome!

In these pictures, I just wanted to show you some of the pavers going in and where the new Jesus Healing Center, Birthing Center, and the new Malnutrition Clinic are set. You can see they are all near each other.

By faith, the pavers on the road, in front of the Birthing Center, the Malnutrition Clinic, and the new Jesus Healing Center, will all be finished by the end of October… We are ahead of schedule. Soon, the new Malnutrition Clinic will open for the mothers and little babies.

Thank you, for all of you who are helping to make this possible. We are still short for all the funds for the Jesus Healing Center but faith doesn’t know that! By faith!

Love is something you do… Bobby and Sherry Burnette

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