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The Answer is “No!”

None of us like to hear this word “no.” It is so definite, so final…

The Lord spoke to Jeremiah about things that would come to pass, saying, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: Is there anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27 The answer is “no, there is nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing too hard for God!”

Years ago, when we first moved to Haiti, we worked in the mountains. We cannot count the number of times our vehicles were broken down “in the middle of nowhere” and had to walk for miles. I would say, “We are the poorest of all missionaries.” It just seemed like we could never get ahead… We were always looking for a piece of land in Haiti that would be our “hub,” and we could work out from it. But we could not find any land that we needed…either it was too far in the mountains, did not have access to water, did not have any roads, or was in a dangerous place. But “nothing is too hard for God!” One day, while we were in a meeting in the States, a man came up to us with a “rolled up parchment paper” and land in Fond Parisien. He wanted to donate the land to us…

We did come to look at it, but “there were giants in the land.” There were evil men, Voodoo people, who had claimed the property. There was no water on the property, and it was full of “thorny bushes,” and other bushes called “Flying Satan,” that would shoot pointed little darts at you when you walked by. God had told us that He would bless the land and it would become a “light” to those in darkness… This land looked hopeless, but “there is nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing too hard for God!”

Today, we live on the land with our orphan children, in a beautiful home! God blessed us with a carpenter’s shop, good mechanics, a Christian school, a church, the Birthing Center, our Christian radio station and now, a large new Jesus Healing Center and Malnutrition Center! What an incredible God!

So, if you are facing a “no-win” situation, let me tell you one thing…Someone may say, “Is there anything too hard for God?”  And you can say, “No! There is NOTHING, NOTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD!” Have a great day!!! Sherry

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